Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friends and Family Visitors (:

Last Day at School ):

To all my friends at school! I love and miss you guys very much! You guys are very sweet and caring! Thanks for all the texts and prayers! You guys are awesome! Hope to be back soon (:
Love Stephy (:

Before and After

These are only a few of the many x-rays i have.. This kind of shows you a before and after affect. It is a huge and tremendous change! Thanks be to God that everything went well during surgery and that i am recovering well. (: Thank you Jesus!!! Hope you enjoy.. I am going to post picture from in the hospital and pictures with friends and family that came to visit! (: Luv you all!! Thanks for your prayers!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to Stephanie's Scoliosis Blog

Hello and Welcome everyone,
I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in the Summer of 08'. It was noticed by a friend Kara Chavez and Belinda Goodenough. Belinda spoke with my parents about what she had seen. She told them that my back looked crooked and that one of my hips looked higher then the other. My parents became extremely concerned and started calling doctors and began to make appointments. We had a hard time deciding which doctor to use for the surgery. We finally came up with a choice of using Dr. Pichetti, a spine surgeon. He invented the spinal surgery of going in from the side and using cameras to see what he was doing. He did everything by looking at a magnified screen.
I went in for surgery on February the 6th. It was originally scheduled for Friday, February the 13th, but when the doctor told us there was a cancellation, we took the option and decided to get it over with. The anxiety was crazy. I was nervous, excited, but scared all at the same time. I didn't really know what to think about the whole surgery. Thoughts would come to my head, What if they mess up during the surgery or what if I wake up during the surgery. I had to learn to put those thoughts to the side and know that God would be with me through the whole thing.
On the day of the surgery, I had to be at the hospital at 5:30A.M. for paperwork and last minute check-ups. The surgery began at 7:00A.M. and Bro. Sargent along with my family and others prayed for me before I went into the surgical room. The surgery lasted for 6 hours. I got out and went in to ICU for the first night then got moved to the PED floor from Saturday- Monday. I was discharged from the hospital on Monday at 4:30P.M. Then headed home for now another 6 weeks of recovery.
I am doing much better now and have many stories and tragedies from the hospital that are crazy! I am now able to walk and sit up. I can not lift anything over 5 pounds or bend or twist, so I am pretty limited to what I can do right now. I want to say a thanks to the many that came to the hospital to visit and talk. I wouldn't have made it with out your prayers and encouragement. I am doing better because of your sincerity and prayers =) Love you all a ton!
Stephanie Lane
PS. I will be updating frequently so check back soon!! =)